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5 things to do before and after closing on a home in Dubai

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Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting and significant financial investments you will make in your life. For many buyers, closing on a home marks an end to their long search for the perfect house – but it also signifies the beginning of a new chapter. Your journey doesn’t end on the closing of the deal. In this blog post, we shall look at some factors to consider before and after closing on a home in Dubai.

1. Plan renovations well in advance

Finding an apartment that is ready for immediate occupation is very rare. When you sign a contract, you should already have a lot of ideas for how you will use the house, how you will personalize it, and what repairs need to be made. Don’t wait until you have closed the deal to hire a pro if the place requires work. Get the right contractors and begin gathering quotes for the required work. If at all feasible, have any minor repairs like painting or floor sanding completed before you move in. Since real estate brokers interact with a variety of tradespeople, they are frequently a wonderful source for recommendations. Please also note that some buildings will require a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer to carry out the renovations and move in.

2. Set up the utilities

In Dubai, it is easy to set up utility services, thanks to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). DEWA is a government entity and Dubai’s sole provider of electricity, water, and sewerage. DEWA automated the move-in activation process of their services for residents. The seller must first clear all outstanding balances in order to receive an NOC from the developer before establishing a new connection. The new owner need to register and create an account. Completing the online application form, and paying the appropriate fees takes only a few minutes. Alternatively, you can go personally to the nearest DEWA Customer Care Centre.

3. Change the locks

Change door locks

Assume that everybody is in possession of a set of keys to your new house. At some time during the listing period, the seller’s real estate agent most certainly distributed copies to their assistant, a painter, a stager, or perhaps another agent. Because of this, the locksmith should be the first person you contact after receiving the keys.

4. Hire a cleaning crew

Hire a cleaning crew

Prepare for the worst and send in a cleaning crew as soon as you close on the home. Even if the seller did clean, their work could not have been up to par. You want to make a fresh start in your new home. The basic structure of the property should be spotless. You don’t want to rush to schedule cleaning services when the house is in a mess from packing boxes.

5. Have a handyperson, contractor or designer on call

Moving entails tasks you wouldn’t want to give to your worst enemy. You might go mad trying to arrange the enormous rug in the master bedroom, center the couch in the living room, or line up your framed art. Spending a few hundred dirhams to hire someone to assist you with these duties may seem like a luxury, but it will save you time and possibly spare you from a major hassle.


As your closing date draws near, you are probably worn out. However, taking a little extra time to plan ahead will save you time, money, and stress — and make the move into your new home so much more enjoyable.

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