NOC For Secondary Market Property Transfer

NOC For Secondary Market Property Transfer

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Transfer of ownership for a secondary sale in Dubai requires one to apply and pay for a NO Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer of the unit you are buying. An NOC is a legal document stating that there are no objections to the points stated within the document. It gives a clear title on the property indicating that all the service charges and utilities have been paid and cleared. The developer is indicating that they have no objection to the other person buying the property.

Secondary Market Transfer

Secondary market transfer refers to the transfer of property that is fully paid-up and/or completed. EMAAR NOC for Secondary market property transfer consists of 3 major steps. Here is a guide highlighting the steps one has to follow in order to obtain an Emaar NOC.

Step1: (Current Owner's Step)

  • Log-in and apply through Emaar One App
Service Request
  • Create a Service Request (Click on Raise Service Request >> Under NOC’s (No Objection Certificate),
  • Choose NOC for Transfer >> Fill out the buyer’s details like, Buyer Name, Buyer email address, Selling Price, and Agency Name: eg Elan Real Estate
NOC For Transfer
  • Current owner needs to pay the administration fee payment of AED 525 (including VAT) and submit the request

Step2: (Buyer's steps)

  • The new buyer will receive a weblink via email, from Emaar
  • The new buyer needs to click on the link and provide more contact details and attach his documents like Emirates ID and Passport copy
  • If the new buyer is mortgaged, then The Buyer needs to attach the documents from bank for example, a bank offer letter etc. on the form

For Company, documents required:

  • Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration License (Trust)
  • Fresh original Certificate of Incumbency (issuance date should not be more than three months prior to the date of any transaction)

For off shore company, all the company documents must be attested by a Notary (or similar) and legalized by the UAE Embassy (in the country of issue) and by the Department of foreign affairs in UAE

  • Passport Copies of share holders

Once the process is successful, the application for NOC for Transfer will be submitted and a request will be created automatically on the system

Step3: (Approval Steps)

  • The application will be send to the concerned team (PTD) for approval
  • Timeframe for the approval is 1 working day
  • Upon successful approval, the NOC will be approved
  • NOC for Transfer will be sent via email to both seller (current owner) and buyer (new owner) of the property
  • Customer can download the NOC and go to Dubai Land Department to conclude the transfer (It is subject to approval based on their rules and regulations).

If you require more information on Emaar NOC, get in touch with us today. Our experts will be happy to assist you. Call us on +971 55 473 5755

Disclaimer: the content provided on this page is to furnish readers with general information on matters that they may find to be of interest.  The information accessed is not intended to constitute or replace professional or legal advice.

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