Picking the Perfect Apartment with a View in Downtown Dubai

Picking the Perfect Apartment with a View in Downtown Dubai

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Are you in love with Downtown Dubai?

Going through tons of Downtown Dubai apartments to find your perfect match?

Do you wish to simplify the process?

If your answer is a big YES to these questions, you have come to the right place.

Let’s help you find the perfect apartment in Downtown Dubai with the most spectacular Burj view.

In this read, we’ll talk about the various important factors you need to consider to ensure you pick an amazing apartment for yourself amongst all the Downtown Dubai apartments in the Dubai real estate market.

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#1- Understand Your Lifestyle Requirements

Whether you have already begun your apartment search, or are just considering diving into it, you must understand your lifestyle requirements and preferences.

Your lifestyle, both existing and desired, plays a big role in determining the kind of apartment you should get. 

Basically, your lifestyle refers to the way you live. It encompasses your routine activities, values, habits, social interactions, behaviors, recreation and an overall pattern of your existence.

Moreover, it also reflects the kind of preferences you have in life. Hence, knowing it gives you increased clarity on the kind of area you should live in.

Here’s what you need to do.

Compare Your Existing and Desired Lifestyles

First, you need to contemplate on, and write about your existing lifestyle. At the same time, you also need to think of whether this is what you desire for in your ideal lifestyle. The comparison between the two will help you determine the ideal apartment in Downtown Dubai for yourself (and your family.)

While a lifestyle comprises tons of factors, here, we’ll discuss primarily those related to an apartment hunt. This includes the following factors:

Your Routine

Your routine including the time you wake up, the kind of activities you engage in, and your sleeping routine. 

Also figure out whether you are a morning or an evening person. This is important because you need to live in an apartment that supports your routine. 

Plus, the orientation of your apartment affects the quality and amount of natural light it receives. It also determines the ambience of the apartment during various times in the day.

After assessing your current lifestyle, think whether or not this is your desired lifestyle. If you are currently an evening person, do you wish to be a morning person? If yes, you need to consider more sun-facing Downtown Dubai apartments wherein you get the perfect sunrise view.

Moreover, knowing the kind of activities you wish to have, or currently have helps you figure out the most suitable area in Downtown Dubai for you to live in. If you work and have an office on the iconic Sheikh Zayed road, you’d need a Downtown Dubai apartment close to it

Health Practices and Fitness Regime

Your lifestyle choices pertaining to your mental wellbeing and physical health also affect the kind of apartment and area you should live in.

If you are a health conscious person who has a dedicated fitness routine, you’d need an apartment in a community or tower with a gym or a ground to walk/ jog in.

Similarly, if you take care of yourself, and often visit the spa, it’ll be important for you to have a spa facility in your community, or nearby.

Even if you don’t currently have a health regimen, if you’d like to have one, it is best to have an apartment that helps foster that routine. Imagine living in a one of the luxury apartments in Dubai built in a beautiful community with a lovely spa, fitness center and gym. When you’ll get all the facilities you’ve dreamt of under one roof, you’ll automatically become more inclined to living a healthier life.

Environmental Considerations

Understand Your Lifestyle Requirements

If you are someone who prioritizes (or wishes to) sustainable and green living, you’d need an apartment that supports your value.

You would need an apartment in an area that combines sustainability with urban living. Ideally, it should have pedestrian-friendly zones, green spaces, energy-efficient design and systems, and be made according to environmentally-friendly practices.

Areas and towers such as City Walk, The Downtown Views, Opera District, The Opus and The Address Residences Sky View will be quite likely suitable for you.

Integration of Technology

This day and age is one ruled primarily by technology. If you are a tech-savvy individual who likes things to be automated, you’ll certainly want a Downtown Dubai apartment with integrated technologically systems.

Living in one of the luxury apartments in Dubai with smart security systems, alarm sensors, smart doorbells, security cameras, integrated virtual assistants and smart appliances would definitely make your life efficient and comfortable.

Considering that, the Downtown Dubai towers such as Burj Khalifa, The Residences, Downtown Views and The Address Fountain Views will be ideal living places for you.

Recreation, Hobbies, Social Interactions and Values

You also need to analyze your recreational activities, hobbies, social interactions and values to find the perfect apartment in Downtown Dubai.

If you have cultural interests, engage in some sport, or have certain hobbies like reading or painting, it will be wise to move in a community that supports these things such as The Address Downtown. Towers and residential areas with community centers close to cultural hubs will be suitable for you.

Moreover, if you are close to your family and friends in Dubai, you’d want an apartment close to their residences. Plus, if you love interacting with people, or making new friends, you’d prefer moving to a residential tower wherein you can find like-minded individuals.

If you are getting an apartment for your family, you’ll need to discuss their lifestyle preferences with them too.

Considering these factors helps you get more clarity on the kind of Downtown Dubai apartment you should move in. 

Of course, it is best to get an expert’s consultation to make the right move. Expert real estate agencies like Elan exist to support you in this endeavour.

#2 Know the Kind of View You Want

Well, since we’re talking about the perfect apartment in Downtown Dubai with a view, it is important to discuss it.

You need to figure out the kind of view you wish for from your apartment. Typically, many apartment seekers in Downtown Dubai want an apartment with the Burj View. The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa has certainly made a mark for itself. Those living in Dubai ideally want to witness its glory on waking up every morning.

If you belong to the same group, and have quite some funds to spare, you could consider living in the Burj Khalifa. But if your budget keeps you from doing that, there are tons of residential towers in Downtown Dubai that will give you the most amazing Burk Khalifa view ever. So considering apartments near Burj Khalifa will be appropriate for you.

However, if you aspire for a different view, list down your preferences and communicate them with your real estate agent. Your realtor will then show you the finest apartments in Downtown Dubai that offer the view you want. Whether you want your apartment to have sunset view, sunrise view, beach view, waterfront view or something else- you can find it with a real estate agent by Elan.

#3 Number of Rooms

Finding the perfect apartment with just the perfect view in Downtown Dubai cannot be possible unless you know the number of rooms you want.

You need to figure out whether you want a one bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai, or an apartment with more rooms. The latter becomes more important if you are looking for an apartment for your family. 

If you are married, a one bedroom apartment in Downtown Dubai can somehow work for you. However, if you and your spouse like to live more comfortably, and have individual privacy, you’d need an apartment with at least two bedrooms.

Similarly, if you have kids, you’d ideally need an even bigger apartment with 2, 3 or more bedrooms.

If you are single, perhaps you often have friends and family over at your place. In this scenario too, you’d want a bigger apartment in Downtown Dubai.

Getting clarity on your ‘bedroom requirements’ makes it easy for you to find the right apartment in the district.

#4 Serviced and Furnished Apartments
Inside Understand Your Lifestyle Requirements

Another important factor to consider when going apartment hunting is the kind of facility it offers. Do you want a fully furnished and serviced apartment? Or can you make do without it?

You need to reflect on these questions to figure out your needs. If you are someone who ikes to have a very comfortable life, then a serviced apartment will work out well for you. There are several amazing fully furnished and serviced apartments in Downtown Dubai. Yes, you’ll need to have a hefty budget aside for it. But a seasoned real estate agent can help you secure a good deal.

#5 Your Budget, Of course!

Having the perfect Burj view from your apartment is undeniably grand, but it does come with a price.

You need to assess your current assets and funds to figure out the amount of budget you can allocate for your perfect apartment with a breathtaking view. Also, once you have analyzed your lifestyle preferences, view requirements, number of bedrooms, and the kind of amenities you want, you’ll have a better comprehension of the budget requirement for your ideal apartment.

Usually, apartments on higher floors command hefty prices as they offer more spectacular views. In case, a top-tier floor apartment exceeds your budget, you can think about mid-level floors.

Final Thoughts…

Choosing the finest apartment in Downtown Dubai offering a stunning view, especially the Burj View is more about curating your lifestyle.

It is certainly a decision that demands you to explore yourself and your needs better. It is also a decision that requires you to get in touch with an expert real estate agent.

So start reflecting on your needs, and then get in touch with a real estate expert at Elan. Your dream apartment is only a few steps away.

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