The Influence Of Kids On Their Parent’s Home Buying Decision

The Influence of Kids on their Parent’s Home Buying Decision

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There are many factors prospective home buyers consider when looking for a home. These include basic factors such as location, budget, room space, etc. However, if you have kids, the case is different as they will have a big impact on your choice of where to live. Children’s needs and preferences are given high priority. Parents tend to pay attention to other aspects of a home such as kids’ play area, good neighbours, reliable child-care services, access to schools and hospitals. On this blog post, let’s take a look at how kids influence their parents’ home-buying decisions.



Kids’ safety is a top priority in any home-buying decision. You must ensure that the property you are looking to buy is located in a secure residential neighbourhood. Some areas offer round-the-clock security and advanced facilities like CCTV coverage to ensure the safety of residents at all times. Also, sufficient street lights, low crime rates, and related factors must be taken into consideration while choosing a home that will accommodate your family.


Quality schooling of a child is one of the primary goals of any parent. When deciding on a home to buy, parents seek houses that are in the vicinity of the best schools. This ensures a hassle-free routine for the parent and the children.

Proximity to hospital facilities also is an important factor. Children often fall sick and would need emergency medical care. Parents will always choose a home with close access to a reputed medical facility.


The neighbourhood has a huge implication on a child’s well-being. It is vital to provide a friendly living environment for your little ones. Community areas are great for the kids as they allow them to meet up with other children and form friendships. The daily interaction with other children positively affects their social nature.

Kid's Amenities

Kids Amenities

Prospective homebuyers with kids are always on the lookout for projects that feature kid’s amenities. These facilities ensure a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle for the children. Amenities such as a play park, sports grounds, kid’s pool, and indoor games room keep the kids engaged.

Architecture & Planning

Parents often think about the long-term needs of their family when looking to buy their dream home. A well-planned and spacious home offers a healthy environment for the child to grow. A perfect home is one where the child can feel relaxed and evokes a sense of truly being at home.

Open Spaces

Kids enjoy outdoor activities. Most of their time is spent playing with friends in the playgrounds. Thus, play zones and open spaces are prime factors in home buying decisions for many parents. Having open spaces will not only allow more freedom for the child but will also allow parents to have some quality time with them.


There’s no question that kids do have a big influence on their parents’ home buying decision. They have a big impact on the process.

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